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Joon Wolfsberg Band

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Joon Wolsberg

From Joon herself about each of the tracks on her Latest Killer LP “1220 Wells Street”

Joon Wolfsberg Band

Short Band Bio
Band Name: „Joon Wolfsberg“
Band Website: www.joon-wolfsberg.com

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joon_Wolfsberg

Music Language: English
Genre: Blues-Rock , AAA Rock Band
Founded: 2011 by Joon & Joe Wolfsberg
Total Records: 5
Discography: – Made In USA (2011) recorded in Nashville
– Wonderland (2012) recorded in Nashville
– Revolujoon (2013) recorded in Germany
– The Deluxe Underdog (2014) recorded in Germany
– 1220 Wells Street (release SEPTEMBER 29th 2017) recorded in Germany

Band Members: – Vocals/Guitar: Joon Wolfsberg
– E-Guitar: Toni Funk
– Drums: Michael Nowatzky
– Bass: Joe Wolfsberg

All the songs are written and composed by me (Joon) and my father Joe Wolfsberg
who also plays the bass in the band.


Don’t You:

lyrics: is mostly about believing in yourself and that everything

happens for a reason but well you still have to do something

you can’t win if you don’t even try


I Feel Blue:

here we intended to write a real Blues Rock song

half blues and half Rock song 😀


Save Him:

Is about someone who really needs help

but if you offer him some he won’t take it, cause

he’s waiting for a miracle to happen


Spent My Life:

is basically about not being true to yourself

running away from yourself


I’m Alive Now:

is for me inspired by Led Zeppelin… trying to make a real energetic and raw song of course about a love 🙂


In general for me a song is more about the melody, rhythm and energy… the lyrics come second. It’s about what you feel when you play or hear it, if you don’t listen to the words.


Joon WolsbergOk, the first record „Made In USA“ was recorded in 2011 in the „Tracking Room Studios“ in Nashville With wonderful musicians like the last bass player of Johnny Cash „Dave Roe“, the drummer of Peter Frampton, Shawn Fichter“, piano player of Toto „Buddy Hyatt“ and many more. It was incredible and a big honor. We saw the recording engineer/Producer Zach Allen on TV in Germany and said, oh we really like this guy… let’s write him an email and ask if he wants to produce our first record. Well we did and he said „sure when do you wanna come… let’s do it“ :D he send our demo record round in the music scene and asked who wants to play on the record. And well all those guys said, that they really like the music and wanna play on the record.




WOnderlandThe second record „Wonderland“  was also recorded in the Tracking Room Studios in Nashville… with Zach Allen as recording engineer and 2nd producer, two band mates from “Blind Melon“ (Christopher Thorn and Brad Smith) and the former drummer of Pearl Jam (Dave Krusen). We got in touch with them because we wrote a song that’s called “Blind Melon“ it’s on the first record and a tribute because they’re one of my favorite bands… and sadly the singer„ Shannon Hoon“ died in 1995 … so I never got to see them live. Well they heard of the song through some other blind melon fans and the mother of Shannon (Nel Hoon) who is a very lovely person and now a good friend of mine. She’s the one that the new record “1220 Wells Street” is dedicated to… it’s her address and her house on the back of the CD.


Killer Live Performance